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Looking to give your brand an Authentic Sound that appeals to a wide audience?

Look no further! With a vocal quality suggesting warmth, intelligence and reliability, Dean Brown is a professional voice over artist who offers a broad range of services that are appealing, instantly relatable and sure to connect with your listeners.  Dean is ready to take your script to the next level bringing you positive results!

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Vocal Qualities

The versatile range of Dean's voice has been described as:


Smart. Authentic. Versatile.

He brings the Neutral American sound to his work that has also been described as:
mature in the mid-tone range: adult to senior. 

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As a result of his comprehensive background he is a master of educational jargon that is perfect for:
   tutorial scripts
 as well as many other genres!


Meet the Guy Behind the Voice

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Smart. Authentic. Versatile.

Imagine a 10-year old, fifth grade boy writing, directing and starring in a play he wrote. That would be Dean.  He has been sharing his love of performance and directing since childhood, eventually earning a degree in theatre arts.  His impressive theatre resume lists nearly 100 plays and musicals.

But theatre isn’t his only area of expertise.  He also has advanced degrees in school psychology resulting in service to schools as a psychologist and special education administrator.  His dedication and professionalism earned him recognition from local, university and statewide organizations.  He was a much sought after presenter at the local, state and national levels addressing childhood discipline, learning disabilities, educational evaluations and autism. 

So, how did this multi-talented individual get into voice acting?  In his desire to expand his creative and performance talents he found an avenue that was literally all around him.  Voice acting.  While listening to commercials and narrations he realized that he could flourish in this extraordinary arena.  His love of performing and the joy he feels when working with creative people crystalized his decision to pursue the world of voice acting

Dean's energy, experience and solid work ethic prompted him to access top-notch voice actor training that included work with some of the best, most experienced voice over talent in the industry.  The feedback and support from these VO professionals has been enthusiastic and exceptional.

What’s it like to work with this guy? Word has it he always offers a calm, reliable presence infused with a quick wit and a smart sense of humor; his energy and theatrical proficiency make for rewarding and professional recording sessions.  With Dean, you could find yourself working with someone who is directable, flexible, fun and efficient. Just what you're looking for! 


Norma Fladerland, Communications, St. John's Lutheran Church

"Working with Dean is a joy! He records different tones of voice in a few different takes and always makes it difficult for me to choose which take to use! He can make you laugh, cry, or experience any emotion in between! He’s knowledgeable, professional, has a voice that suits many different genres, and is just a nice guy! Dean is the full package, and you won’t regret working with him!" 

Molly Fiedler, "The Adventures of Bubbie and Judu: Sharing Siblings"

"Working with Dean was a dream. Not only was he able to make my super cheesy, children's book come to life but, he was so easy to work with. He also accommodated my every request and was so fast with his turnaround times. I hope he's willing to keep working with me in the future because I would choose him for EVERY project. Such talent! "

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